Florida Healthy Kids

Community Partnerships

Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (FHKC) works with community-based partners to complement the program's existing marketing and outreach efforts and encourage participation in areas of the state where no formalized marketing or outreach activities are located. Since April of 2008, over 20 partners covering 30 counties across the state have participated in this partnership program. FHKC continues to build community-based partnerships that focus on families potentially eligible for the Florida KidCare Program to decrease the number of uninsured children in Florida.

Community Partnerships include:

Florida KidCare Back-to-School Community Partners
From July to early fall, back-to-school partners promote the Florida KidCare Program in their local communities by providing Florida KidCare materials, promoting events, and increasing awareness of available medical and dental services to families with uninsured children.

Florida KidCare Outreach Grantees
As the heart of the Florida KidCare program, grantees perform Florida KidCare outreach and provide application assistance to uninsured children and their families across the state. By continually establishing creative avenues and events, they engage, recruit and train other local organizations to champion outreach efforts that increase enrollment and retention.