Florida Healthy Kids

Marketing Materials

We appreciate all that you do as a Florida KidCare champion in your community!

Need an icebreaker to strike up a Florida KidCare conversation? Our outreach materials can help pique the interest of potential families—and just a little can go a long way.

Use these marketing items as a conversation-starter to educate families about the program. If they pick up a toothbrush, let them know that dental coverage is an available feature of Florida KidCare. If they take a ruler, remind them that kids who have health insurance miss less days of school.

Our Inventory List will showcase what products are currently available, the maximum cap allowed for each item, and whether or not there will be associated shipping costs.

Simply review the Florida KidCare Inventory List, fill out the Florida KidCare Inventory Form, scan the completed form and send email to outreach@healthykids.org. Please allow one week processing time, larger orders may need additional time.


Are you interested in spreading positive messaging about the Florida KidCare program at an event you are already attending or would like to attend? The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation may be able to assist you with your event fees.

Whenever financially possible, Florida Healthy Kids sponsors events that support our mission to provide the uninsured children of Florida with the health coverage they need. In exchange for fee assistance, you will be asked to share Florida KidCare information and educate interested parties at the event.

If your organization is participating in an upcoming event and would like to be considered for sponsorship, please fill out the Sponsorship Application.

Before filling out the form, please be aware of the following that will be required in order for your submission to be considered: