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Elementary School: 5-10

The elementary school stage is probably scarier for parents than children – your baby is growing up! With this new-found independence comes a lot of firsts – some that can be even more exciting than their first steps!


Riding the Bus

If possible and available, it is best for your child to take the bus the first day of school – even kindergarteners. Here are some ideas that will make the experience smooth for both of you:


Early in school, homework will be fun activities and exercises, but it still is important to lay the foundation for good homework habits:

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Even if your child has friends outside of school, he/she probably will form more as they progress through grade school. However, children can bepicky, so do not be alarmed if it seems like he/she often has a new best friend and, as a result, ex-best friend. Here are some ideas about how you can nurture your child’s friendships:


Healthy Choices

It is important for parents to encourage health eating habits at meals and snacks by providing a diverse combination of fruits, vegetables, protein (beans, meat), dairy (milk, cheese) and starches (bread, pasta). For healthy snack and meal recipe ideas based on Florida produce, view the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Extreme Cuisine cookbook. These tips will help you maintain a healthy diet for your child:

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Children need at least one hour of exercise a day. With busy schedules, you would think it difficult for families to find the time to fit in fitness, but it is easier than you would think!


If your child gets involved in sports, be sure they are safe:

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