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E-Correspondence is Now Available

Florida KidCare now has e-correspondence available. This means that you can opt to receive your letters electronically in your online account instead of having paper letters mailed to you. By opting into e-correspondence, you will receive an email notice anytime you have a message from us. The email will tell you to sign into your online account to see your correspondence.

Selecting the e-correspondence option is easy! During the online application process, simply check “yes” next to the question about whether you would like to receive correspondence through email. You will begin to receive all Florida KidCare correspondence to your online account if your email address is correct and active.

If you are already enrolled in Florida KidCare, simply log into your online account and edit your “communications preference” to be “electronic” instead of “mail.” Please make sure that the email address you have on file is correct and active.

Read our E-Correspondence FAQS

Once enrolled in e-correspondence, you will receive a notification email each time you have a letter waiting for you to read. The email will prompt you to log into your online account to securely view the letter.

If you selected the e-correspondence option in the past when you applied, you should begin to automatically receive all your correspondence electronically if your email address on file is correct and active.

You can opt in or out of e-correspondence at any time. Simply change your “communications preference” in your online account back to “mail” if you do not want to receive your letters electronically.

Call the Florida KidCare information line at 1-888-540-5437 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. through 7:30 p.m. for any questions or assistance.